Wetlands are diverse and fragile ecosystems that support a vast diversity of life which include lakes, backwaters, large ponds, estuary, lagoon, mangroves, marshes, swamp forests, etc. These are essential ecosystems for the wellbeing of human life. One fifth of land mass in Kerala is wetlands. However, wetlands are fast being depleted largely due to man’s quest for development often unsustainable, threatened by anthropogenic drivers such as uncontrolled land use activities and rapid urbanization.

It is in the above context a round table conference of scientists, engineers, architects, and experts from various sectors on the topic “Wetlands and Sustainable Urban Development” is organized by ICCS at Kottayam on 07 February 2017. The program is sponsored by the Wetland Technical Unit of Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment

Main Discussion Points

The discussion points of the Round Table Conference are:

  • Role of wetlands in urban development
  • Threats to wetlands in the urban set up in the Kerala context
  • Participation of people in the wetland management in the urban sector
  • Wise use of wetlands for sustainable urban development
  • Policies and Programmes for wetland management


The venue of the programme is the Conference Hall of Orest Bhavan, near ICCS office, Deepthi Nagar Road, Kanjikkuzhy, Kottayam.


Participants of the Conference will be scientists, academicians, and experts from various sectors like water, energy, transportation, biodiversity, agriculture, tourism, health, animal husbandry, and urban development, representatives from NGOs.