Carbon neutrality is not an impossible state of art, but in order to choke out a pathway to attain this, we need to have a clear-cut idea of the current status of the regions Climate change contribution. Carbon Footprint analysis and Carbon sequestration analysis forms the basis for such a status/ current state assessment which in turn should pave way to Carbon Budgeting of the area for implementing adaptation and mitigation strategies. The current project envisages assessing the Emission scenario and the Sequestration scenario of Carbon in an administrative region which in turn help in devising strategies for attaining Carbon neutrality in that region. For a wholesome approach towards a carbon neutral society, demands raising the level of understanding of the general public. This is possible only through involving them in the process right from the beginning through decision making and implementation. Thus, a participatory approach in status assessment, policy making and implementation becomes imminent. The current project aims at initiating participatory approach in the case of status assessment.