ICCS Kottayam

Institutional history of Institute for climate Change Studies(ICCS) in chronological order

Sl No. Subject Subject line as per the order G.O No./Letter No G.O Date
1 Appointment of Special officer Environment Department –Setting up of the State Climate change Research and Assessment Institute –Appointment of Special officer G.O.(Rt)No.76/2013/Envt 24.04.2013
2 Opening of Treasury Account Finance Department- Opening of a non-interest bearing Special Treasury Savings Bank account in the name of the special officer . Climate Change Research Institute with Sub treasury, Vellayambalam, Thiruvanathapuram-Sanctioned G.O (Rt)No.7031/13/Fin 02.09.2013
3 Establishment of the Institute for Climate Change Studies and sanction for the release of the first budget amount of Rs.30 lakhs Environment Department-Institute for Climate Change Studies(ICCS)-Established. G.O (Rt)No.03/2014/Envvt 21.02.2014
4 Hiring a building in Kottayam for Admin. Office. Environment Department- Institute for Climate Change Studdies, Kottayam-Permission to hire Temporary office building- Sanction accorded. G.O (Rt)No.82/2014/Envt 19.05.2014
5 Assigning of Full additional charge to Dr. Keshav Mohan as Director Environment Department –Assigning of full additional charge of the Director, Institute for Climate Change Studies, Kottayam to Prof. (Dr)Keshav Mohan, Special Officer, ICCS and Director Institute for Land and Disaster Management –Sanctioned. G.O (Rt)No.129/2014/Envt 16.07.2014
6 Administrative Sanction for two projects 2014-2015 Environment Department-Plan Schemes 2014-2015- Climate Change Action Plan- Administrative Sanction. G.O (Rt)No. 214/2014/Envt 18.12.2014
7 Administrative Sanction of third project 2014-2015. Environment Department-Annual plan 2015-2016-Implementation of Plan Schemes –Sanction Accorded-Orders Issued G.O (Rt)No.73/2015/Envt 29.05.2015